Since 1981, when Antonio Bernardo opened his first shop at Shopping da Gávea, Rio de Janeiro, his jewels have retained great distinction. This led to the launching of the company that carries his name.

Later, in 1983, the company established its Workshop, and the process of developing design management began. Distinguished by the thoroughness with which all the departments in the company work – from production, to administrative and commercial areas – this managing skill was earlier outlined in the talent Antonio displayed as an entrepreneurial designer.

The Workshop is located in Rio de Janeiro’s captivating Zona Sul, and, there, the Creative, Administrative, Marketing and Customer Service areas work alongside the designer’s strategic jewelry development and production departments. Handcrafted meticulousness is combined to industrial excellence in the creation of items, through the active collaboration of all sectors.

The Creative, Modeling, Microfusion and Gemological areas intently work with the designer, being a party to his inspirations. This creates a shared and collaborative dynamic, dedicated to experimentation and conceptual questioning, which are fundamental to design. Frequently, numerous items are developed simultaneously and are submitted to a strict triage and investigation process before arriving at the shops.

The jewels are handmade by a skilled team of goldsmiths and, one by one, they go through successive quality control steps.